Control panel for hardwired detectors

  • Supports 2 hardwired zones for intrusion and fire types of detectors;
  • Status LED for each zone;
  • 2 built-in "dry output" relays;
  • Powering from mains power network;
  • Supports relay units Astra-821, indication units Astra-861;
  • Supplying active detectors and other devices with 12V supply voltage.
  • ARM/DISARM using Touch Memory (DS1990A) keys (iButton).


  • Memory for up to 28 iButton keys for ARMING/DISARMING;
  • Intrusion and fire alarm type hardwired zones;
  • Power output 12 V for suppluying the hardwired detectors;
  • Configuration of operating modes using jumpers.
Parameter Value
Power from mains power network 187 - 242 V AC
Power from rechargeable battery (form factor 7 A/h) 12 - 14 V DC
Voltage on the hadwired zone terminals (for suppluying detectors) 9 - 14 V DC
Hardwired zone short circuit current 20 mA
Intrusion type zone integration time 70+-10 msec
Fire alarm type zone integration time 300+-30 msec
Hardwired zone resistance:  
Norm 3 to 5 kOhm
Alarm 0 to 3 and more than 5 kOhm