Wireless alarm system with video surveillance for safeguarding your home or office.

The system is developed by TEKO, a leader on the CIS market of security and fire alarm systems.

No wiring! All detectors are wireless and can be installed in any accessible place.

How it works

  1. Controller supports up to 32 wireless devices (not only detectors but sirens, relays, keypads) at a distance of up to 100m.
  2. Controller supports up to 4 hardwired zones. It is possible to connect any detector of any manufacturer with a "dry contact" output to hardwired zones.
  3. System supports hardwired/wireless keypads to control the arming and disarming the system.
  4. The data from the radio devices transmits to Security Hub cloud server via GSM (2G/4G depends of the controller version) or LAN communication channels.
  5. You can connect IP-cameras to our app using integration with ivideon service or using RTSP-link.

Download presentation

Security Hub mobile app


  1. Quick setup wizard
  2. Multiuser access
  3. Flexible setting of notifications
  4. Integration with Ivideon
  5. Branding opportunities


System components

  • Security Hub Controller
  • Wi-Fi Camera
  • Mobile App
  • Smoke detector
  • Temperature detector
  • Water leak detector
  • Motion detector
Security Hub controllerController supports up to 32 of intrusion, fire, emergency, and other types of wireless and hardwired detectors. You can configure home automation scripts for water leakage protection, climate-control, smoke detection etc.
Wi-Fi cameraYou can add any Wi-Fi camera to the system. You can assign detector to the camera for video confirmation of the alarms.
Mobile appYou can manage and control your Security Hub from smartphone, tablet, or PC. It ensures timely notification of fire, burglary, water leakage, etc.
Smoke detectorWireless smoke detector is intended for smoke detection in the room.
Temperature detectorWireless temperature detector measures temperature in the room and ensures user notification of any changes.
Water leak detectorThis device detects water leakages and triggers user notifications.
Motion detectorThis device detects any motion in the room. This is pet insensitive.

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Download Android or iOs application to your smartphone

Create an account

Create an account on Security Hub cloud server

Add controller and detectors

Use or setup wizard to add controller and detectors

System features

32 wireless devices

up to 100 m wireless range


2 communication channels

Smart Home scripts

automation scripts for any task

Video surveillance

video confirmation of alarm

Control via App

app for control and configuring

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