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Controller Security Hub Controller for Security Hub system


SH 2G_ data sheet_en.pdf

Controller Security Hub 4G (NB-IoT)                            Controller for Security Hub system (NB-Iot version)


SH 4G_ data sheet_en.pdf

Security Hub kit Controller + Wireless motion detector (pet immune) +
Wireless door opening detector
Security Hub kit with camera Controller + Wireless motion detector (pet immune) +
Wireless door opening detector + Wi-Fi camera

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Astra-42A Addressable smoke detector 42А-v1_7_instr _en.pdf
Astra-43А Addressable heat detector 43А-v1_7_instr _en.pdf
Astra-45A Addressable manual call point 45А-v2_0_instr _en.pdf
Astra-AM Addressable mark AM-v1_2_instr_en.pdf
Astra-ILS Short circuit isolator for RS-485 and SLC ILS-v3_0_instr_en.pdf
Astra-BPA Addressable relay module (signaling) BPA-v1_1_en.pdf
Astra-BRA Addressable relay module (power) BRA_v1_6_en.pdf
Astra-A RPA Addressable line (SLC) extender RPA-v2_0_instr_en.pdf
Astra-823 Relay module RS-485 (power) 823-v2_0_en.pdf
Astra-824 Relay module RS-485 (signaling) 824А-v1_4_instr _en.pdf
Astra-713 Hardwired zones extender for RS-485 Astra-713-v1_6_passport_en.pdf
Astra-863 ver. A Indication unit RS-485 Astra-863 ver. A_en.pdf
Astra-GSM (PAK Astra) GSM module (812 Pro/8945 Pro) GSM-РАС-v1_5_en.pdf
Astra-LAN (PAK Astra) LAN module (812 Pro/8945 Pro) LAN-РАС-v1_5_en.pdf
Astra-814 Pro Hardwired keypad with LCD for RS-485 Astra-814 Pro_passport_en.pdf
Astra-812 Pro Control panel Astra-812 Pro passport_en.pdf
Astra-942 Laser pointer (laser tester) for addressable devices 942-v1_1_instr_en.pdf
Astra-984 Interface module 984-v2_5_instr_en.pdf

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Astra-R kit Wireless panic button system kit
(receiver + 2 key fobs 433 MHz)
Astra-RVC Wireless receiver for Astra-R system (433 MHz) Astra-RVC-v9_2_en.pdf
Astra-TRC Key fob with panic button Astra-TRC-v2_0_en.pdf
Astra-TRC bracelet (white) Bracelet with panic button Astra-TRC bracelet-v1_2_en.pdf
Astra-TRC bracelet (black) Bracelet with panic button Astra-TRC bracelet-v1_2_en.pdf

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Astra-Y TTD Transmitting terminal device (transmitter) UOO-Yv2_7-el (TTD)_en.pdf
Astra-Y RTD Receiving terminal device (receiver) UOP-Yv2_6 (RTD)_en.pdf
Astra-Y CP Control and monitoring panel  
Astra-Y RC Panic button  

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Astra-421 ver. RF Wireless smoke detector 421rk2-v2_2_instr_en.pdf         
Astra-431 ver. RF Wireless heat detector 431rk-v1_2_instr_en.pdf
Astra-361 ver. RF Wireless ewater leak detector 361rk-v3_1_instr_en.pdf
Astra-3221 Wireless panic button 3221-v4_1_instr_en.pdf
Astra-4511 Wireless fire call point 4511rk2-v2_2_instr_en.pdf           
Astra-5131 ver. C Wireless motion detector (curtain type) 5131sh-v2_1_instr_en.pdf
Astra-8121 Wireless leypad 8121-v1_1_instr_en.pdf
Astra-8731 Wireless smart socket 8731-v1_0_instr_en.pdf
Astra-2331 Wireless siren 2331-v1_3_instr_en.pdf
Astra-3321 Wireless door opening magnetic contact detector 3321-v4_3_instr_en.pdf
Astra-3731 Wireless temperature detector 3731-v1_4_instr_en.pdf
Astra-5121 Wireless motion detector (pet immune) 5121-v4_3_instr_en.pdf
Astra-5131 ver. A Wireless motion detector 5131-av4_0_instr_en.pdf
Astra-6131 Wireless glass break detector 6131-v3_3_instr_en.pdf
Astra-7 ver. RF Wireless motion detector (ceiling mount) 7RF_v1_2_instr_en.pdf
Astra-8 ver. RF Wireless dual channel detector 8-rkv1_6_instr_en.pdf
Astra-8231 Wireless relay unit 8231-v1_1_instr_en.pdf
Astra-RC Key fob and panic button RPDK-RIMv3_3_instr_en.pdf

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Astra-5 ver. A Hardwired motion detector 5-av1_4_instr_en.pdf
Astra-512 Hardwired motion detector (pet immune) 512-v1_0_instr_en.pdf
Astra-515 ver. A Hardwired motion detector 515-av1_3_instr_en.pdf
Astra-517 ver. P Hardwired motion detector (pet immune) 517p-v1_3_instr_en.pdf
Astra-7 ver. A Hardwired motion detector (ceiling mount) 7-av1_1_instr_en.pdf
Astra-GB Hardwired glass break detector GB-v2_4_instr_en.pdf
Astra-612 Hardwired glass break detector 612-v1_1_instr_en.pdf
Astra-621 Hardwired dual channel detector 621-v1_6_instr_en.pdf
Astra-8 Hardwired dual channel detector (ceiling miunt) 8-v1_1_instr_en.pdf
Astra-551 Combined detector (PIR + microwave) 551-v1_4_instr_en.pdf
Astra-321 Hardwired panic button (mechanical) 321-v1_2_instr_en.pdf
Astra-322 Hardwired panic button (electronic) 322-v1_0_instr_en.pdf
Astra-712/4/8 Hardwired conventional control panel Astra-712-4,8_v6_10_en.pdf
Astra-713 Hardwired conventional control panel Astra-713-v1_6_en.pdf
Astra-10 ver. 3 Hardwired siren 10-3v1_1_instr_en.pdf
Astra-10 ver. M2 Hardwired siren (small-sized) 10-M2v1_2_instr_en.pdf