Wireless motion detector (pet immune)

Detection of intrusion into the protected area and triggering an alarm notification by opening the output contacts of the signal relay.

The detector is intended for detection of an intrusion into a secure space of an enclosed area, forming an alarm notification and transmitting alarm signal to the Security Hub via radio. The detector is resistant to movements of pets up to 20 kg weight.


  • insensitive to pets up to 20 kg;
  • volumetric lens;
  • microprocessor analysis; 
  • temperature compensation;
  • resistance to external light not less than 6500 lux;
  • average battery lifetime - 4 years;
  • transmission of the residual capacity of the battery;
  • transmission of the ambient temperature;
  • tampering control.
Parameter Value
Max current consumption (stan-by mode) 0.025 mА
Max current consumption (transmission) 30 mА
Detection zone range 10 m
Wireless coverage range 100 m
Recommended installation height 2.25-2.35 m
Transmission power 10 mW
Overall dimensions 70x51x42 mm
Temperature range from -10 to +50 °С
Relative humidity up to 98% at +40 °С
IP protection IP41